Can Earthenware Go In The Dishwasher? (Exploring Compatibility And Care Tips)




Key Takeways

  • You can put earthenware in the dishwasher.
  • Be careful about the products you use to clean earthenware in a dishwasher.
  • Put some focus on the maintenance aspect to keep your earthenware stuff good.

Cleaning earthenware can sometimes be a tricky task, especially when you’re unsure about its compatibility with modern cleaning methods. If you’ve ever found yourself asking, “Can earthenware go in the dishwasher?” you’re not alone. It’s a common question among us.

Earthenware Go In The Dishwasher

In this article, we will delve into earthenware maintenance and care. We also explore together which clay items can be put in the dishwasher. Hopefully, with this knowledge, you can keep your earthenware pristine. So, without any delay, let’s dive together:

Earthenware Clay: Features And Characteristics

Earthenware clay is made of minerals: kaolin (white clay), ball clay, quartz, and feldspar. It is ideal for pottery items also used on special occasions.

Earthenware Clay Features And Characteristics

Earthenware Clay Features

1. Porosity

Earthenware clay is porous, allowing it to absorb water easily. This feature makes it ideal. Earthenware clay is used for creating pottery items.

2. Cost

Earthenware clay is generally less expensive than other types of clay, making it a popular choice for beginners and hobbyists.

3. Versatility

It is multipurpose and easy to use, making it popular among beginners.

4. Colour

Earthwere comes in a range of natural colours: Red, Brown, and Buff.

5. Plasticity

Because of its high plasticity, it is easy to mold, manipulate, and shape.

Earthenware Characteristics

1. Glaze Compatibility

When we apply well-designed glazes. Earthenware can sock it up fantastically. Glaze is not only for decoration. It also safe your project from harm.

2. Durability

People all around the world have been using earthen clay for a long time. Because of it’s durability.

3. Absorbency

Because of its high porosity after firing, unglazed earthenware absorbs water easily unless you seal it with glaze or paint.

4. Low Firing Temperature

Earthenware clay requires a lower firing temperature compared to other types of clay. It typically fires temperatures between 1745°F and 2012°F (950°C and 1100°C). Avoid extreme temperatures.

5. Not Suitable For Cold

Earthenware isn’t suitable in freezing temperatures. If it gets too cold, it might crack.

Can Earthenware Go In The Dishwasher?

Not all earthenware is dishwasher safe. Earthenware is generally not recommended for the dishwasher. We already know earthenware is not a high-fire clay, and it is porous. Some pieces might be labeled dishwasher safe.

On the other hand,

Can Earthenware Go In The Dishwasher

can porcelain go in the dishwasher because porcelain pottery is nonporous ceramic and has a durability that can withstand well in heat and water, hot water, or cold water.

Such as if your question is: is glazed ceramic dishwasher safe? Glazed ceramic or  handmade ceramics is often dishwasher safe because glazes create a protective layer that helps prevent water absorption and protect the ceramic during washing.

You also can ceramic mugs go in the dishwasher. But it is safe to avoid the dishwasher. Ceramic is a type of earthenware.

However, to maintain the quality and appearance of your earthenware. It is usually best for you to handwash and avoid heavy detergents and high temperatures in the dishwasher.

If You Put Earthenware In The Dishwasher, It Can Happen

1. Damage The Glazes

Do you think dishwasher safe glaze? Not all the time. The dishwasher’s harsh detergents and high-pressure water jets can damage the glazes on your earthenware pieces.

If you put earthenware in the dishwasher, it can happen

2. Heat Sensibility

The dishwasher can get pretty or too much hot water. As a result, it impacts your earthenware shape. But if you think about can pottery go in the microwave or can handmade pottery go in the microwave?

Pottery’s glaze doesn’t have metallic elements. So you can say, can glazed pottery go in the microwave or hot oven. You can earthenware put it in the oven by following some instructions.

3. Chemical Clash

The dishwasher can be harsh. As a result, it can clash with your earthenware and can harm your lovely glaze.

4. Scratchy Situation

If you put your earthenware piece in the dishwasher, it can scratch your dishes.

Are you thinking about your handmade pottery! Can handmade pottery go in the dishwasher? Well, the answer is: Handmade pottery is often best preserved by handwashing. Dishwashers can be too harsh, and the heat and detergents may affect the pottery’s appearance and durability. 

When the topic is Earthenware, then the two materials come into our minds automatically. That is Stoneware and Terracotta. Let’s discuss can stoneware go in the dishwasher and can terracotta go in the dishwasher?

In general, stoneware pottery or stoneware item are dishwasher safe, and it also will stand the dishwasher cleaning process.

On the other hand, Terracotta is not recommended for the dishwasher because it is porous, and the dishwasher’s harsh detergents and high temperatures may affect it.

Using Earthenware Clay In Dishwasher: Here’s How

However, if you use the dishwasher for your earthenware clay, then please ensure the bellow things:

Using Earthenware Clay In Dishwasher Here’s How

1. Check If It’s Dishwasher Safe

Before putting any earthenware item into the dishwasher, check if it is marked as ‘dishwasher safe.’

2. Load Carefully

If your earthenware is dishwasher safe, make sure you load it carefully into the machine. Place each piece securely so that they do not knock against each other during the wash cycle.

3. Use Gentle Cycle

Always use a gentle cycle when washing earthenware in a dishwasher. Avoid using high-temperature settings.

4. Use Mild Detergent

Harsh detergents can strip away at the glaze on your earthenware.

5. Air Dry

Once washed, allow your dishes to air dry. Additionally, using the heat drying option of your dishwasher may cause damage due to sudden temperature changes.

Earthenware Clay Cleaning Tips 

You just learned can earthenware go in the dishwasher. Here is the guide that you can follow for your earthenware clay item cleaning. I also follow these tips:

1. Dust Regularly

Use a soft, dry cloth to dust your earthenware clay items regularly.

2. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Never use harsh chemical cleaners on earthenware clay, as they can damage the surface.

3. Use Mild Soap

For a deeper clean, use a mild soap and warm water solution to clean your earthenware clay items gently. 

4. Soft Cloth Or Sponge

Always use a soft cloth or sponge when cleaning to avoid scratching the surface.

5. Rinse Thoroughly

After cleaning with soap, make sure to rinse thoroughly with warm water to remove any soap residue.

6. Dry Properly

After washing them by using a soft towel and then allowing them to air dry completely before storing them away.

7. Handle With Care

Earthenware is more fragile than other types of clay so handle it with care.

8. Regular Inspection

Inspect your pieces regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Ceramic Go In The Dishwasher?

Yes, in general, most ceramics like you can ceramic pans go in the dishwasher. including glazed ceramic, are safe to put in the dishwasher. But if you think can ceramic knives go in the dishwasher? It’s generally not recommended to put ceramic knives in the dishwasher. The high-pressure water, harsh detergents, and heat in dishwashers can damage the ceramic blade or the knife’s handle. 

Can Glazed Pottery Go In The Dishwasher?

Yes, in general, glazed pottery is safe to put in the dishwasher. The glaze provides a protective layer that helps resist water absorption and protects the pottery during the dishwasher’s cleaning process.

What Is The Difference Between Earthenware And Stoneware?

Earthenware and stoneware differ in composition and firing temperatures. Earthenware is fired at lower temperatures, making it more porous and typically with a reddish or brownish color. Stoneware, fired at higher temperatures, is denser, less porous, and often has a gray or buff color.

How Do I Know If My Ceramics Are Dishwasher Safe?

If your ceramics are dishwasher safe, check for any labels or markings on the items. Look for terms like “dishwasher safe” or symbols such as a dishwasher icon. Additionally, consult the manufacturer’s care instructions that may accompany the ceramics. If unsure, it’s generally safer to handwash.

Is Stoneware Dishwasher Safe?

Yes, in general, stoneware is dishwasher-safe. Stoneware is a durable and dense ceramic material that can withstand the dishwasher’s cleaning process. 


Hope this guide clears your all confusion based on the cleaning process and that you know well how can earthenware go in the dishwasher.

So, what are you waiting for? By following our tips and tricks start cleaning your all-massy earthenware clay creations. And give your creations again a fresh look.

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